It is my pleasure to talk to you.
Let me introduce our company, Livresque.

■Who we are

We work to support university library and special library with both public and technical service. A detailed list of sevice will be, cataloging of materials at various organizations, processing materials to shelf ready, and serving at Circulation, and the Reference counters.

Established about ten years ago, through the age that used the library card and ATLAS, we (with the president) have an experience any more, and extends to the present.

Now we are working with about 20 libraries, including a library attached to a College of Music and the reading room of the nursing school and the reading room of the commemorative literature.

Working with Keio University, we got expertised in Marc21 and MODS. Thanks to this relationship, we are now one of the few companies able to handle data of LC and WorldCat in Japan. and it came to get experience in the giving LCSH, LCC that had been demanded at Cataloging of Japanese material for the LC via WorldCat.

■What we do

The activity:

    We do
  • public: Counter service (Law school is included)
  • technical: cataloging WASO book(old style japanese rare-book) for Google Library Project
  • technical: cataloging Korean, China and Russian material in Marc21
  • technical: meta data mapping for the institutional repository in Marc21 and MODS.
  • technical: cataloging EX material (excavation materials) in Marc21
  • technical: Archiving, Old recorded media like SP disk, reel to reel tape into digital format

The activity: For LC through WorldCat.

    We do
  • technical: cataloging Japanese material delivered to LC in Marc21 with LCSH and LCC.

■The future

We want to continue the relation to LC.


Livresque Co., Ltd.
2F, Morion Yushima building
3-16-12, Yushima
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo-to, 113-0034